You have something to tell us, according to you there is an essential question missing from our questionnaire, you would dream that we were working on a particular part...
Tell us everything, at Grande Mary we want to create the wardrobe that makes you dream!


Thank you for what you sent !

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Ecru Chino Trousers

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Light Cotton Blouse


What Tall Women want...

Thank you !!!
We have received many answers to our questionnaires, comforting us in the idea that there is a place to fill to dress Tall Women!! and confirmingt that you yearn for simple, nice and responsible clothing. In a few words : the same as your friends, with the right sizing! 
We loved this comment from Jessica; we could have used it as our mission statement! 

"pretty women styles that short women can wear but fit for tall ladies with long body and long arms with sizing for plus size women" Thank you Jessica
"Sites for tall women make clothes that are much too classic. I would like to see trendy, colorful and stylish clothes finally offered to us."
Thank you Aurelie
"No more flimsy viscose or cheap polyester"
Thank you B.

What do you miss the most?
You are asking for trendy clothes, COLOUR and quality and responsible materials.
Good news, that's what we have planned!
No polyester on the GrandeMary labels, marginally some
 recycled, but mostly cotton, organic as soon as possible, wool and probably "good viscose", often mixed, for its fluidity and its lightness.
Regarding style and color, GrandeMary will offer you "coup de coeur" clothes, in fashion tones and prints, not the fabrics that no one wanted!!

What does a GrandeMary woman look like?
between 35 and 60 years old ,1.80m to 1.90m  tall and wearing a size 44/UK16 with an inseam length 36 .  
You don't recognize yourself there at all? The questionnaire is  still   online, check it up and influence our future creations!!  


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Thank you, you will not miss anything!

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